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Generating Wave Archetypes

Generating wave archetypes. Form follows nature. A set of design options were presented to the client as forms derived from the nearby coastal natural surroundings and topologies. These forms are either etymological or ontological in essence and are inspired from physical phenomena or pragmatic elements. Sounds of waves, shapes of shifting sands, traces, contours, motions [...]

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Case with Interior Component Holders

Product design of a case with interior component holders, covers and brackets. The design consisted of 4 sections - The bottom interior (in-situ), exterior panel, interior panel and the top panel. A basic understanding of interfaces, panel design, layout and logo customization was acknowledged prior to commencing on this project. The design is intended to [...]

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Convex (bracket) Cover Parts

Convex (bracket) cover parts. The client had a broken sample and was located 700km away. We requested a sample (broken) to be sent on the basis of an estimate quote. The part was redrawn within an hour, approved by the client via image preview of the drawing and loaded onto an available printer. Client received [...]

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Construction details in the realm of 3D Printing.

Construction details in the realm of 3D Printing as shown here. Plastic part assemblages are simultaneously modular and customized. Fixings are either mechanical (M fixings, nut and bolt) , geometric (internal, external, interlocking - tongue and groove) or chemical (slow or rapid setting epoxy or other chemical anchoring). 3D models of fixing details help to [...]

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Man is the measure of all things.

Man is the measure of all things “ άνθρωπος μέτρον anthropos metron - Protagoras Even something as simple and basic as logo design, car badges or decorative logo embossing should be treated with a modicum of design approach. At least in this instance, small measurements are imperative to the scale, sizing and proportions. Measurements with [...]

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Parametric Design

Parametric design opens up possibilities in many avenues in terms of 3d modelling. Geometries that are influenced by variables, include depth, density, number of faces, smoothness, edges, height, the level of contouring, and these are just a few of the basic variables. With an alternative lense on the matter, parametric design is an uncontrollable chaotic [...]

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3D Model of a Gearbox Cover

A 3D model of a gearbox cover. The geometries include tapering, trapezoid features, screw holes, symmetry, rectangular outlays and is hollowed out, typical of most cover designs. This gear box in particular was for a Nissan, where parts nowadays are difficult to find. Importing units as such often forces businesses to buy in bulk or [...]

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Photorealistic Rendering Services and Urban Design

Photorealistic rendering services and urban design consultancy for urban design proposals and presentations. We also offer architectural micro-services for clients looking to market their projects. We are open to any international collaboration. Call us or email us with your requirements to discuss or even arrange a (skype) meeting to advance your architectural ideas! . . [...]

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Custom Made, Butler Courier and Tailored installation

Weighing in at about 5kg of filament and 44 laser cut boards, this 1.5m x 2.75m composite 3d model took a road trip of 2000km courtesy of Mavrakis Concepts. Custom made, butler courier and tailored installation. You get the best with us! . . . . . . . #architecture #architectural #3dmodel #3ddesign #3dp #3dprinted #composite #custom #design #engraving #fdm #fulltilt #instagram #instagood #largerthanlife #lasercutting #longhaul #madeinsouthafrica 🇿🇦 #marketing #ourclientswerebeyondhappy #palmtrees #petg #polychrome #presentation #projectmanagement #projects #residential #turnkeysolutions #urbandesign

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Street Space Qualities

Street space qualities - the building opens up to the city on the ground level. It is the interface between the blocks inner space and its peripheral space. . . . . . . . #agriculture #access #arcade #circulation #city #concept #design #drawing #entry #facade #handdrawing #mixedmedia #mixeduse #perspective #pretoria #public #publicspace #render #rendering #regenerative #renewal #southafrica #street #streetscene #structure #urban #urbanism #urbanreuse #vendor

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